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King's College London

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Russian not offered as a degree course, but as modules or evening classes etc.

King's College London established a dedicated Russia Institute, opened in 2013.

The centre focuses on Russia and its neighbouring states. A new institute for the study of contemporary Russia is the latest in a network of institutes at King's College London.

The centre examines how Russia and its neighbouring states function, as well as considering the country's role in the world. The institute is expected to establish specific programmes looking at the northern Caucasus, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

The institute would differ from traditional academic approaches because of its emphasis on contemporary Russia, rather the country's history or literature.

The institute will also foster a close relationship with London's expatriate Russian population.

Students will be able to combine Russia-focused modules and projects with those from the university's other global institutes as well as subject areas like medicine and law.

King’s already has an established tradition in studying Russian society – from its history and law to politics and religion; the College has also recently developed close ties with the country’s academic, political, and cultural organisations.

Russian Department