About us

The project is registered as a not-for-profit company in 2008 in London. E-mail for correspondence: russian.presence.uk@gmail.com

Editorial board: Prof. Anthony Cross (Cambridge University),  Dr. John Callow ( Marx Memorial Library), Prof. Olga Kaznina ( Institut Mirovoi Literatury), Prof. Tatiana Marchenko ( Dom Russkogo Zarubezhia), Dr. Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia ( British Library), Kitty Stridworthy-Hunter-Blair ( Pushkin House).

The project is initiated and lead by: 

Oksana Morgunova

Originally from Moscow, she worked as an international journalist before embarking on her academic career and has been leading an interdisciplinary research on post-Soviet migration and the internet since 2002. She holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and has been awarded honorary status at the University of Glasgow. She contributes to British and Russian media as an expert on migration and the Russian-language internet, and frequently publishes on Russian migration and its cultural legacy in Britain. She worked as a researcher on the projects MIGNET EU Project, and E-Diasporas. Currently she is a Project Co-ordinator at the International Migration and Gender Studies Institute (Brussels). Oksana is a Co-founder and director of the ‘Russian Presence UK’ project. 

Natalia Makarov

Natalia Makarov is a foreign trade economist and consultant on public and educational affairs. For many years she has been combining her professional interests with close involvement in the promotion of Russian culture in London. A former director of the cultural charity ‘Academia Rossica’. Trustee of the Pushkin House Trust in London since 2004. She has led many high profile events and collaborated on various arts projects. Co-founder and director of the ‘Russian Presence UK’ project, she has jointly produced its publication Russian Presence in Britain, which offers an insight into the legacy of Russian culture in Britain and the roles of Russians in British society and culture.